Karate Master

By Jose M. Fraguas
After the acclaimed success of the first three volumes of Karate Masters, the author proudly presents “Karate Masters 4”, with a new repertoire of historical figures, such as Yutaka Yaguchi, Kunio Murayama, Hiroyoshi Okazaki, Hiroyashu Fujishima, Shoji Nishimura,Takeshi Uchiage, amongst other world-recognized masters. In this fourth volume, new interviews with the world's top Karate masters have been gathered to present an integrated and complete view of the empty-handed art of fighting, philosophy, and self-defense. Containing information that has not appeared anywhere else, the interviews contain intriguing thoughts, fascinating personal details, hidden history, and revealing philosophies as each master reveals his true love for the art and a deep understanding of every facet associated with the practice and spirit of the Japanese art of Karate-do as a way of life. It’s a detailed reference work, and a “must
have" addition to your personal library.
EM-book-133– US $29.95 – 7 x 10 – 370 pages. ISBN: 978-1-933901-49-7

Shotokan Way

The Name Okazaki needs absolutely no introduction at all. It is a name that, it could be argued, goes synonymously with not only karate in America, but JKA karate full-stop. I am of course referring to the legendary and iconic Teruyuki Okazaki. In this edition however we have an interesting interview with a younger generation of the Okazaki family – nephew and proud carrier of the Okazaki name and legacy Hiroyoshi Okazaki. The son of Teruyoshi Okazaki, also a direct student of Master Gichin Funakoshi, it seems somewhat inevitable that Hiroyoshi would soon follow in the family’s footsteps and become a karateka to contend with. Today, within ISKF, Hiroyoshi is one of its most senior members, and as a 7th Dan, is helping to further propagate the ISKF and Okazaki way. This is an insightful and interesting interview with someone that will undoubtedly be a significant force in the future of American karate.
Questions by Shaun Banfield, THE SHOTOKAN WAY